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Need HOT water now, look NO further, we specialize in both residential and commercial Tankless HOT Water Heaters. Our tankless water heaters provide the comfort and convenience of having a continuous supply of hot water. Great solution for homes with busy families, homes with luxury bathrooms and vacation home. Please visit our website!
Question : Are your tankless water heater modulate based on incoming water temperature? ANSWER : The only powered unit that is self regulating is the 16L ETL available in NG and LP. The temperature increase is based on the flow rate of the water, the temperature of the incoming water, and the gas flow setting. To increase the water temp you must reduce the flow rate.
The Pros and Cons of Switching to a Tankless Water Heater If the idea of constantly heating your water in a big tank sitting in your basement sounds mighty inefficient and wasteful to you, then a tankless water heater is the right option for you. I've researched some of the advantages of a tankless water heater system, alongside some of the compromises that come with the compact, more energy ef...
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